Five years ago in the Seybold Report we were sharing some big news about Xerox. Here are the first few paragraphs from the lead story in the issue.

On February 5, 2019 Xerox senior executives spent a few hours in the morning telling investors and, by extension, the world how the company plans to spend the next few years. The company also unveiled its latest corporate slogan: Made to Think. All of which made us think it was time to share the latest on Xerox with readers of this newsletter.

In this article we present highlights from the various presentations made that day along with a summary of how the company’s stock price has been doing, how various analysts have reacted to the company’s latest plans, how the legal fight with Fujifilm Holdings over the failed 2018 merger is going, and, of course, an Our Take.

The Investor Day presentation lasted about three hours and 17 minutes. Xerox recorded it and has made it available online as a Webinar. To access the recording, please visit

The Latest Slogan: Made to Think
The press release for the Investor Day in February explains the origins of the new slogan thusly: “With a history of designing breakthrough technologies, Xerox is ‘made to think.’ We are taking a disciplined approach to creating the next generation of innovative technologies and intelligent
work solutions to meet our clients’ evolving needs,” says John Visentin, Xerox’s Vice Chairman and CEO.

“By simplifying our operations, instilling a culture of continuous improvement, investing in growth areas, and capitalizing on new and adjacent market opportunities, we anticipate we can achieve flat to growing revenue by 2021, while driving continued annual adjusted earnings per share expansion, including at least four dollars of adjusted earnings per share in 2020, and delivering over three billion of cumulative free cash flow over the next three years,” Visentin adds.