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PGSF and Electronics for Imaging Announce 2023 Box Design Contest Winner

Pittsburgh, PA – June 12, 2023 – The Print & Graphics Scholarship Foundation (PGSF) (www.pgsf.org) and Electronics For Imaging (www.efi.com) have announced the winner of the inaugural Packaging Design Contest.  This year’s contest was open to any college student studying Graphic Arts with a focus on packaging.  More than 40 entries were submitted representing eight universities. 

“EFI is proud to sponsor the Box Design contest in conjunction with the Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation to inspire and reward future graphic designers in digital printing creation for corrugated products.” said Liz Logue, VP Corporate Development, Inkjet Strategy for EFI. “The student submissions were all well designed and thought out. Ultimately EFI chose Alex Woon’s box design, from the California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, who showed creativity in designing a unique look for a wine carrier while making best use of digital printing’s design capabilities.

Alex’s design was for Grace Wines of Berkley, California and when assembled holds several bottles and looks like a gothic church. In addition, the graphics for the package include a spot varnish/clear coat of braille (see image below).

“Designing for the PGSF box competition was a great opportunity, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to participate! This project was exciting — I had the chance to put my all into an idea that has great meaning to me. The design itself reflects the cross-disciplinary and accessible work I strive to create. In having this work publicized, I hope to inspire a more diverse, equitable, and accessible future in our industry.”

The contest winner receives a $500 prize from EFI and will have their design printed on an EFI Nozomi Ink Jet press.

More information about the scholarship foundation and its other contests can be found at www.pgsf.org/2023-student-design-contests

About the PGSF

The Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation is a not-for-profit, private, industry-directed organization that dispenses technical and college scholarships and assistance to talented youth interested in graphic communication careers. The mission of PGSF is to promote the graphics industry as a career choice for young people and then to support them through their education process.

Once upon a time, posters full of dazzling images and arresting slogans dominated the media landscape. They were displayed in shop windows, covered billboards, and were even draped over human bodies when the 19th-century Sandwich Men patrolled city sidewalks carrying advertising posters over their shoulders.

The Library of Congress’ collection of posters traverses nearly two centuries and multiple continents. Its contents tell the story of an evolving form that exhibited the work of major artists and promoted everything from food to political candidates.

Here we present images of a few of the posters in the Library’s collection. To view the entire article about posters owned by the Library of Congress, please click here to view the January/February issue of the Library of Congress magazine.

Print is Vital: Holiday Edition

No surprise here: American Greetings likes cards, all kinds of cards including printed cards. And, the company says, most adults in the United States do, too. More than half send some kind of card during the year-end holiday season.

The press release about the study got us thinking about one of our favorite Seybold Report subjects: the amazing vitality of Print. So, here is a quick gallery of some of the holiday-related print products and projects most people (but not us!) take for granted. Spread the word: Print is Vital!

Monotype Explores Why Fonts Make Us Feel

The research found typeface choice alone plays a significant role in how people feel—boosting their positive response by up to 13%.

A new research study from Monotype indicates the choice of typeface can boost or reduce consumer response.

In late May 2022 Monotype released a research report which delves into the emotional impact of type on consumers. It is a fascinating idea to research this topic, and the results of the research are eye-opening.

Monotype worked with with applied neuroscience company Neurons to test the marketing effect of three very different typefaces. For the study, Monotype and Neurons surveyed 400 people using threekinds of stimuli: single words, a sentence using those words, and a sentence with the words including a brand. Test samples were set in one of three typefaces – FS Jack, a humanist sans; Gilroy, a geometric sans; and Cotford, a languid serif.

The research found “typeface choice alone plays a significant role in how people feel—boosting their positive response by up to 13%.” James Fools-Bale, Monotype’s Senior Brand Director, adds some details, “This study tested our biggest assumptions about consumers’ emotional response to type and confirmed everything the broader design community has believed about type for decades—that it measurably affects consumers’ recognition of, confidence in, and recollection of brands. Even in the absence of color, logo, movement or any other traditional element of visual identity, typography plays a crucial role in conveying trust, sincerity, and reliability—brand marketers, agencies, and creatives should take note.”

To access the full study, Why Fonts Make Us Feel, please visit https://www.monotype.com/neurons.

Monotype report page 10
Page 10 of the Monotype Report

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