Fake academic journals are popping up everywhere. Help us get rid of them!

Please be aware there is an online scam Web site pretending to be the Seybold Report. They have even stolen our ISSN and are using the title The Seybold Report Journal. We are pursuing legal action against them and reporting this to various government agencies including the FBI. This is not our company. This is not our newsletter.

This is an outrageous scam. Do not give them money, and please pass the word along.

To learn more about the outrageous pirating of scholarly journals and other publications, please read this article. More than 200 journals and newsletters (and probably more) have been affected by this huge scam operation, including ours.

The Seybold Report Journal is a Scam!

It has come to our attention there are several Web site pretending to be the Seybold Report! The criminals behind it have stolen our ISSN and are charging money to publish submissions to the fake online journal. Please do not be fooled. They are even using an old Seybold Report logo! This is not us! We have contacted them via the contact email to demand they stop, but they have not replied, nor do we expect to hear from them. Be warned! Do not give them money! Spread the word!

The Scam Gets Worse! Beware! Spread the Word!

Other scammers who stole our ISSN for the Seybold Report have set more than a few Web sites and claim they are a company called Seybold Publications in Media, PA. Seybold Publications was the original publisher of the Seybold Report newsletters, but the company was sold to Ziff Davis in the 1990s and was shut down. It is no longer an operating corporation in Pennsylvania.

The scammers are making up names of people who supposedly work for this shut-down company and have posted the old mailing address for the company. They are a total scam operation. There is only one genuine Seybold Report and that is published by the Joss Group. Spread the word!

This is a scam operation! Do not give them money. Please report them to the authorities in your country to stop this nonsense!

Here is an example of the type of bogus material the scammers are publishing and are trying to get into legitimate indexing systems. If you have been scammed by these people, we would like to hear about it.

January 2023 update: there is another site the same (we believe) scammers are using: seyboldreport.org. Here is a picture of the home page. Note, the contact information (address) is bogus–they are using the United States mailing address listed in the ISSN record they have stolen. This site is claiming seyboldreport.net is a scam (which it is), but we believe both sites are being run by the same group of scammers. Please do not give these people money!

FYI: the company Seybold Publications no longer exists. It was shut down after the company was sold decades ago. So, total scam operation here. Please tell others!