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Five Years Ago in the Seybold Report: February 11, 2019

Five years ago this month in the Seybold Report newsletter we were discussing global print security, industry presence, and the continuing value of print. Below we have included a snippet from the lead article.

Quocirca Examines the Global Print Security Landscape

As we were going to press on this issue, Quocirca released news of its 
latest study on global print security. We found the theme of the report,
 Putting Print Security on the C-level Agenda, and the content of the report, very compelling. Print security is becoming a “greater concern,” as the report says, but, in the Joss Group’s opinion, graphic arts companies are not concerned enough about this matter, and there is much to be done to avoid crippling emergencies. Here we present a portion of the report along with Our Take and information on obtaining the full report.

Executive Summary

Data breaches are rarely out of the headlines and compliance pressure,
such as the introduction of GDPR, means security remains high on the
corporate agenda. Cyber threats and data breaches are no longer the
sole domain of the IT department, they must be considered at board level as the repercussions are simply too big to ignore.

Businesses of all sizes are potentially exposed to reputational, legal, and financial losses as the result of cyber attacks. Due to the increasing sophistication of attacks and the emergence of insider threats, businesses face a battleground to balance business productivity with the need for privacy and security. One area of the IT environment which is often overlooked is the print infrastructure. The majority of organizations rely on print to support business critical processes, meaning it can be the gateway to valuable, confidential, and sensitive information.

Quocirca’s Print Security 2019 report discusses how print security is becoming a greater concern to businesses with 59% reporting a print-related data loss in the past year. With only 27% classed as print security leaders, it is imperative businesses become more print security conscious, particularly as they look to close the paper to digital gap in their business processes. This [imperative] ultimately requires print security to move higher on the C-level agenda.

The Future of Online Publishing?

Please, please tell us this recent LinkedIn post* is not indicative of the future of online publishing, digital publishing, or (indeed) publishing in general. If it is, it is not just the “guy down the street” who is going to suffer. If it is, we are all going to be buried under a mass of auto-generated vapid content, at best, and more likely, an avalanche of useless, error-ridden poppycock.

linkedin post

*We erased the LinkedIn’s user’s profile information and also part of the URL that might have indicated something about their identity. We wish to point out a potential problem–not shame any individuals.

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